2Fifty BBQ

I donated blood on Friday afternoon and I was surprisingly borderline on my iron level, which prompted the phlebotomist to try to give me advice on how to boost my iron level. I waved him away disdainfully. No need, sir. I heard you say to eat ALL the red meat. I am on it. Trust.

We’ve revived the search for good BBQ and some of my PG County friends tipped us off to 2Fifty in Hyattsville/Riverdale/I don’t know the difference between these places. This little strip of Queensbury Rd. has a number of good restaurants popping up and you’d never even know it existed! We ordered ahead, as recommended for the high-interest items, and met up with our friends at a picnic table outside.

One picture, that’s all you get. That’s all you need, really. This place understands what BBQ is supposed to look like. At the bottom is a half-pound of pulled pork, in the middle is a half-poud of the regular brisket (they also offer Wagyu brisket but a) I sincerely doubt it’s actual Wagyu, and b) I can’t imagine it’s worth the up-charge), and on top is one–yes, only one–beef rib. Like, I knew a cow bone would be large but I was not picturing something that legit looks like what Fred Flintstone would be served at the drive-in.

Check out the smoke ring on that brisket. It was fork-tender and no sauce necessary. I’m not even sure they offer sauce here, and even as a sauce lover, I appreciate the chutzpah a restaurant needs to refuse you sauce. The rib was a little stickier-to-the-bone but was covered in melty fat and was absolutely the straight-up BEEFIEST thing I think I’ve ever eaten. The pulled pork was absolutely delicious as well. I’m not sure Two Fifty is quite at the same level as Federalist Pig but it’s close, and is markedly easier to access. Plus, you don’t need to eat dinner at 2 p.m. in order to get you some.

We took most of this home and ate it for three more days. Because iron. Yes.

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: Went back to 2Fifty tonight because watching American Barbecue Showdown on Netflix was taking a TOLL on my mental health, y’all. Got the wagyu brisket this time. It was 100% worth it. If I could give it more than 100% worth it, I would. It was very, very, VERY good and basically melted on the plate. I officially retract what I said before. On top of which, I want to re-name 2Fifty “Best BBQ in DC.” It’s not just the wagyu, it’s everything.

Price: $20 per person; eat for three days. That’s an average of $6.67 per person per day, a veritable deal!

Bottom line: A definite stop for any BBQ lover. Take advantage of this beautiful weather!

4 thoughts on “2Fifty BBQ

  1. Thank you for visiting us! Our American Wagyu Brisket is a certified product from Snake River Farms.

    Fernando Gonzalez/Co-Owner.

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    1. Thanks Fernando! Again, I absolutely loved the meal and will be back soon. I promise to try the wagyu!


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