Immigrant Food

What a beautiful night last night for a walk to Union Market, and to sit outside on the patio. Walk is the only way to get to UnMar at this point as construction plus extremely limited parking has left the whole area untenable. I wish I had a dollar for every time I attempted to get coffee/pick up beer/buy fancy meat at the butcher’s/stop for sandwiches/do literally ANYTHING in, at, or around Union Market and then couldn’t because the traffic and dearth of parking drove me to complete spiraling insanity a la a Brontë sisters novel.

So, like I said, we walked.

Immigrant Food is located right in the center of the market, and it wasn’t the first thing we leaned towards, but ended up there just because we wanted to try something new. My husband got the Havana sandwich and I ordered the Viet Vibes “fusion bowl” and we waited all of 8…? minutes for our order to pop up.

The bowl was good, although I hesitate to wax too poetic about it. The kale was all at the bottom and didn’t mix in very well, especially since it wasn’t pre-dressed. The chicken was cooked absolutely perfectly and the mango was a good touch too. The dressing was savory with a subtle spiciness, but there wasn’t nearly enough of it, so by the end of the bowl I was eating completly dry kale and noodles. In conclusion, it was fine.

My husband’s sandwich, on the other hand, was pretty out of this world. It’s hard to fuck up a Cubano sandwich, but it still has my utmost admiration. Flavorful meat, melty cheese, and the bread was oh-so-toasty. It definitely won dinner.

I would for sure return here, but maybe not before some of the new, uber-delicious arrivals to Union Market, like Fava Pot and Som Tam and 2Fifty. I would also maybe stick to sandwiches. I would also ALSO get it delivered so you don’t need to go anywhere near Union Market.

Here’s a picture of the sandwich for good measure:

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