Little Miner Tacos

I only just saw Little Miner on Route 1 in Brentwood for the first time last Sunday when we were on our way back from picking up 2Fifty (critical update can be read here!), so this week was simulteously the fastest and slowest of my life. I was so excited that I broke the cardinal rule of not ordering food online until I’m actually ready to go get it, and accidentally pressed “submit” at 3:30 this afternoon.

Your order will be ready at 3:45PM!

I will literally never learn to not do this.

So, minor complaint (or….miner complaint?!): it was very unclear on the website how many tacos would come in an order. I got one set of their signature birria tacos, which came with three. I assumed that the carne asada would be the same. Nope. One lonely taco. Keep this in mind (or…mined?! I am on a serious roll with these Miner puns!). Said carne asada taco is pictured at right. The meat was surprisingly and incredibly succulent and tender for a) a taco, and b) fast food. And despite being composed of only one corn tortilla, it featured solid construction and didn’t completely disintegrate at any point. I very highly recommend adding the chipotle aioli and/or guac to this. I highly recommend adding chipotle aioli and guac to all things. Like, all things ever invented.

To complement our taco feast, I got a side of the only vegetable-ish thing on the menu: elote! Oh, this is cheesey perfection. As much as I love the idea of sucking mayonnaise and tajín off of a corn cob, I appreciate all food so much better when it’s served without barriers. I am so happy with this elote I’m walking on air.

Finally, we come to the house specialty birria taco platter. My only regret is that I wasn’t eating this drunk because I can’t imagine the satisfaction I would feel if I were. The shredded beef was so juicy, with little crispy bits welded to the edges where they had been griddled. The grease was soaking through the also-sturdy tortillas. They were stuffed to the max. The dipping broth was a unique and lovely touch. It took all my willpower to not drink it like a soup. More guac just rounded out the whole experience.

Price: $20 per person, give or take.

Bottom line: I can’t even believe how delicious this meal was. Make sure everyone gets their own birria platter because nobody’s touching mine (can’t stop, won’t stop).

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