Thai Chef Street Food

+1 for UberEats 50% off deals! I don’t have much else to say about my inspiration here–I’d never heard of Thai Chef Street Food before seeing it pop up on UberEats. I still have no idea where it is. All I knew is they took four of my favorite words and strung them together to name their restaurant. I guess I’ll just jump in then!

We’ll start with the papaya salad. I think my husband is getting pretty sick of me ordering this dish everywhere I go, but it’s honestly just one of my favorite things and always adds such a refreshing, bright, sour note to the meal. I can’t help myself. Thai Chef’s version is nothing revolutionary but it got the job done for sure. It’s hard to mess with something that’s already the perfect version of itself.

I also ordered the larb salad because I was just on a salad roll. Honestly, most of Thai Chef’s menu is made up of soups, salads, and dumplings. Again, I was not disappointed. It was heavy on the onion, but all-around tasty. We had more than enough of both salads to turn into next-day lunch.

Their house special dumplings were next. They were overstuffed with super flavorful pork and crab, and came with a horseradishy soy sauce for dipping. They were absolutely delectable and an absolute must-eat-again food.

We rounded out the whole meal with the duck kapow, a last-minute addition to the online cart that I knew wouldn’t have been my husband’s first choice. Also, it presented a very clear risk. It was delivered in four separate containters, so we had to do some IKEA-level assembly on it, but wow, that meat was incredible! Just so crispy and lacking the typical duck chewiness that is a very real possibility at all times, but especially with delivery food. The veggies were just regular steamed carrots and snow peas and the like, although there were plenty of them. The sauce (not pictured) delivered actual spice along with sweetness and lots of basil. The duck disappeared immediately, but once again there were lots of leftover veggies and sauce for lunch.

Price: $20 per person.

Bottom line: Thai Chef probably won’t blow your mind, but it was solidly delicious and a good place to get something other than our usual favorite curries. Also, it’s in Dupont apparently?

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