After last night’s shitshow I was ready to just order Farmbird or the like and call it a day. You know, something boring but known. But then I remembered reading about Tabla a few weeks back and decided to give it a shot. One minor negative about their whole system before I get started: they don’t allow you to order ahead and choose a pickup time. So I had to be strategic about what time I actually clicked “submit.” Fortunately, it worked out (and took about 30 minutes, in case you’re wondering).

When you get Georgian food, you come for the khachapuri and stay for whatever else, so obviously I started with that. I’ve had ajaruli a bunch of times and wanted to try something new, so I got the lobiani (white bean filling) instead.


I won’t say that it was a mistake, but it was a little dry and just missing something. It was, however, dramatically improved with the addition of the red ajika sauce. Stick with the tried and true ajaruli, because cheesy bread transcends culture, or go for something crazy like the pork belly.


Pickled cabbage salad was next, so that I can pretend to be healthy.

It was not too harsh or acidic, the cabbage was tenderized by the acid, and the dill and coriander flavor blended well. I wish there had been a little bit more. You know, for healthy reasons.


Our main course was the chicken thigh tapaka. The chicken was so crispy on the outside, like cracklin, and the red onion slaw on top was so refreshing and pungent with the chicken. These also went well with the red ajika. In case you haven’t spotted the pattern yet, many things go well with red ajika.


Finally, the beef and spinach soup dumplings, which were a last-minute addition to my order. These probably just don’t transport well. They were absolutely delicious, don’t get me wrong. Strong beef flavor, super savory, good dumpling dough, but I think they lost all their liquid on the journey home. Probably best eaten at the restaurant (which has a gorgeous patio!)

Four dishes was the perfect amount for two people.

Price: $25 per person, a little on the pricey side for something fast casual-ish, but delicious and worth the cost.

Bottom line: Tabla has a great selection of traditional dishes, something to please everyone, and cheesy bread, so there is nothing but love here. I will be back. Possibly next weekend.

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