Komi x Happy Gyro

Komi x Happy Gyro. Aka Happy Gyro. Because Komi has been out of commission since Covid. This is in turns VERY DISTRESSING but also extremely good for my wallet because every July when we celebrate our anniversary there, it is RIP my budget. Fortunately for all of us, Happy Gyro is not financial suicide. It is also practically orgasmically delicious, to the point that we can almost forgive it for NOT being Komi proper. Almost.

Previous incarnations of Happy Gyro have been all-vegetarian. If anybody can pull this off, I’m sure it’s them, but I was still overly excited to see two meat-based gyros on their menu: the lamb souvlaki and the pork. Sign me up for both!

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that Happy Gyro would serve their sandwiches on the same fluffy, oily pillows of delicious pita that always accompany the main meat course at Komi. I firmly believe that bread should never be the best part of a meal but I’m willing to make an exception here. Inside the lamb gyro were spiced meatballs, tzatziki, grape tomatoes, crisp shreds of potato, and a strong but not overpowering bite of horseradish.

The pork gyro was so savory and slightly sweet with most of the same accompaniments. The meat was crunchy in parts but mostly melt-in-your-mouth. I can’t believe I almost didn’t order this. It’s the same amazing pork we’ve had as the main course there. Now, if only they would make a gyro with their ridiculously yummy goat entree…

We also got the fig and cherry tomato salad, and I would eat this every day if I knew how to make it. I know I could never do justice to it, though. How did they get the feta so fluffy and light? Where did they find figs so big and juicy? The honey and olive oil drizzle was the best icing on the best cake. I will die happy. Or die of happiness itself, I’m still not sure.

Price: $25 per person. GET ON THIS DEAL NOW!

Bottom line: Why are you even still reading this? Order now for pickup at 5:30. They only do pre-orders, so get your life together ASAP.

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