Charcoal Town

First and foremost, I want to say that Charcoal Town missed an enormous opportunity to call themselves Shaw-arma, and I find that very upsetting. I’m fairly sure that that name hasn’t been taken by another restaurant yet. Charcoal Town: Think about this. Secondly, I’d like to thank them for their collaboration with UberEats, which enabled me to be uncharacteristically and inordinately lazy and avoid walking ten blocks on a beautiful night.

My husband claimed to be un-hungry, which lasted up until the exact moment he started to read the menu. I picked the stuffed grape leaves to share, the bowl with chicken shawarma for myself, and my husband got the steak shawarma sandwich.


It took a while for our food to arrive but I guess us lazy assholes can’t be choosers when it comes to food delivery. The dolma looked amazing but unfortunately tasted less amazing. My husband claims that they were too perfumey, but to me they just didn’t taste like anything besides the sour leaf itself. On the bright side, they threw in some house-pickled English cucumber and turnip, and those were amazing.


The steak sandwich was a happy departure from the bland dolma, though. The meat was beyond flavorful and moist, on a thin flatbread. It was even better with the chili sauce I ordered separately. It was light on vegetables but still included that pickled turnip to brighten it up.


I was extremely happy with my bowl. Charcoal Town lets you choose what to include, so no crappy rice for this girl! I got fattoush salad, pickled veggies, chicken shawarma, and tahini to top it off. Which, now that I think about it, is essentially just a Greek salad. Well, whatever. There was a lot of chicken, and I mean a LOT. I couldn’t even finish it. It was so herbal and delicious, the salad was fresh, and again, the pickles were amazing. The tahini made the whole thing a little oily, but I’m not one to complain about this [read: I totally licked the plate when I was done].


Price: $12 per person.

Bottom line: Solid cheap eats will have you, too, finding yourself with “Won’t you take me to…Charcoal Town” stuck in your head. Yet another reason they should consider the name change I proposed. They can pay me in chicken.

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