Food Corner (the other one)

A series of unfortunate events brought me to Tyson’s on a Wednesday and left me and my husband car-less and growing hungrier by the moment. Fortunately, besides the usual suburb-fodder, Tyson’s has become basically Little Tehran. Our noses led us to Food Corner and brainwashed us into ignoring the line out the door.

In anticipation of my in-law birthday dinner that night, I tried to go light, so I ordered the salmon kabob platter.


Well, so much for a light meal. The bread was perfectly crispy but I refrained from using it as a vehicle for my protein because it was an intensely large piece. The salmon was spicy, flaky, and had a very true salmon flavor and a good char. For my included side, I asked for the kadu: stewed pumpkin. I don’t know why anybody else would get a different side. It was the perfect sweet-savory with the flavors of tomato and cinnamon and a soft, squashy texture.

My husband ordered the gyro. At least the bread was slightly smaller:


The sandwich as a whole was pretty plain but the lamb was delicious.

We thought we were smart agreeing to split one piece of baklava. Unfortunately, it was still enormous. It had tons of layers of dough and good spicing but, in my opinion, was a little too syrupy, which detracted from what should have been a flaky texture.


Like the unaffiliated DC Food Corner, this one is also pretty no-frills. At one point, the frustrated cashier paused from calling out order numbers to yell, “Come on, guys! Pay attention! Number twenty!” I respect that.

Price: $13 per person.

Bottom line: Get your suburban lunch on at the Tyson’s Food Corner. It beats the hell out of Panera.

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