Provision No. 14

Guys, GUYS. I am so excited to talk about Provision No. 14. This was a random google maps search find, so even better that it ended up being awesome. Let’s start with ambiance: Provision No. 14 feels hip and chic, with a widely stocked bar right when you walk in and gorgeous, homey decor.


We were immediately informed that it was happy hour until 8 (!!!) and that included $3 off all their appetizers and cocktails, and great prices on a wide array of draft beers and wines. Everyone was happy with their drink selection. I had a rye cocktail that was rye-y and cocktail-esque. My wonderful dining companions were all satisfied with their drinks. This was shaping up well.

Among the table, what was ordered included: brussels sprouts (obviously, as ordering brussels sprouts tends to be my family’s M.O.), bulgogi tacos, crab cake sliders, short rib tots, the pear salad with salmon added (not a bad price!), and fried chicken with funnel cake. Bonus: If you can think of anything with less nutritional value than fried chicken with funnel cake, I’d like to hear it.


As far as the small plates go: Brussels sprouts were crispy, well-seasoned, and sauced. They were savory and delectable. I thought the bulgogi tacos were incredible, although my husband complained that the beef was slightly chewy. The crab cake sliders were chock-full of crab meat. I’m not sure what else was in there but it doesn’t matter because crab. Short rib tots are a good and bad because they were ridiculously good but this was an effort in sheer laziness because anybody could combine potatoes, beef, and cheese and make it taste delicious. I also feel like they were trying hard not to call this poutine but it would have been better with fries instead of tots. Also, I think I just answered my own question about finding a less healthy food than chicken and funnel cake.

Spoiler alert: I was the one who ordered the pear salad. The pears were not quite ripe but I appreciated the light vinaigrette dressing as well as their liberal use of fresh fennel (basically my favorite licorice-tasting root vegetable, in case you hadn’t noticed). Fried shallots are also a winner. My salmon was cooked a perfect medium-well (I’m old-school like that) and complemented the flavors well.


Another spoiler alert: my mother-in-law was the one who ordered the carb bomb known as fried chicken and funnel cake. I mean, it was fried chicken and fried dough; what’s not to love? It was served with two dipping sauces. One was clearly maple syrup and the other was a mystery sauce that tasted like it could have been just raw funnel cake batter. I stand behind my valuation of this meal as the lowest nutritional value; at least tater tots have potatoes and potatoes have vitamins!

Price: $30 per person.

Bottom line: Provision No. 14 was a winner in every regard. This will go on the updated favorites list for sure.

Honorable mention goes to the broken parking meter that allowed me to park at 14th and W without paying!


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