Yang Market

It is a rare occasion indeed when I go out for a sandwich. It’s even rarer that I gamble my precious Saturday lunch on a new sandwich place. Part of it is a general disdain for slimy lunch meat and part of it is motivated by adventure; who wants a sandwich when you can have curry? But I did find a 10% off coupon for the new[ish] Yang Market on the floor of my cycling gym, so the motivation was strong.


Yang Market used to be a bastion of Colt 45 and Slim Jims but I was aware of their semi-recent rebirth as a pseudo-Italian market with fresh subs. I didn’t know what to expect because their menu is nowhere to be found online. Unfortunately, my photo of their chalkboard menu came out really blurry, but suffice it to say, they feature a variety of meats and quality cheeses and–yes–pretzel buns. Also, all of their sandwiches are named for quotes from the 1992 movie masterpiece My Cousin Vinny. In short, Yang’s Market is a place where all your dreams come true.

I settled on the Positraction on a pretzel bun, which had turkey, alfalfa sprouts, havarti, green apple, and rose mayo. My husband ordered the Two Youts, which was roast beef, turkey, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar, and mustard aioli.


Look at this picture. Just look at it. Have you ever seen so much meat on one sandwich? This alone was worth the $9.50 price tag. I struggled to take this picture because the top of the bun kept falling off. In the case of both meats, they were markedly un-slimy.  The roast beef also had a delightfully soft yet un-chewy texture. The Two Youts (left) was a meaty, savory paradise. The Positraction (right) was a great blend of flavors and textures, especially from the crunchy sour apple and fresh sprouts. Were I to order this sandwich again, I would sub cheddar for the included havarti for that stronger, cheesy flavor and heavenly apple-cheddar pairing. The pretzel bread was fresh and pillowy-soft and not overly salty.

With this place as close to my home as it is, it’s going to become dangerous.

Price: $10 per person.

Bottom line: Yang Market is a rare sandwich shop worth a special trip. The ingredients were quality and delicious with lots of options for personalization.

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