We mysteriously ended up with a 20% off coupon for Lincoln. Seriously, no idea how this thing ended up on my fridge. Elves? Anyhow, we decided to check it out in epic fashion: by using a 20% discount to justify buying way too much food.

My food was ready and bagged when I showed up. I handed the bartender my coupon, he handed me the bill, and I asked, “Do I need to sign anywhere?”

“You haven’t given me your card yet,” he said.

Y’all, it has been a long time since I’ve been in a restaurant and it is getting to me.

Side note: though we didn’t order any alcohol to take out, I did notice Lincoln’s pretty substantial and impressive bourbon collection, especially for what may or may not be a bit of a tourist trap.

Remember what I said about too much food? Well, I was–fortunately or unfortunately–right. We ended up with two starters–the brussels sprouts and the mac and cheese.

Despite being packed up in a steamy container, the sprouts maintained a decent amount of their crisp and crunch from being so charred. I mean this in the best way possible. They were soft from the syrupy drizzle, but not mushy. They had a delighful smoky sweetness. The mac was similarly delectable–it was made with mild cheeses rather than the sharp I prefer, but it was creamy and luxurious, a great reminder of Thanksgivings past.

I had the salmon with lentils and roasted fennel. Once again, somehow the skin remained fairly crisp and intact, with the meat cooked well-done but still moist and buttery, probably from an extreme amont of butter. The lentils were savory with a briny tang from the caper butter on top. The fennel was mild and soft. This tasted like what I wish my home-cooked food would taste like, and probably would if I used this much butter. No hate, just being real.

My husband got the short rib shepherds pie. This was less pie and more…pile o’ mashed potatoes with some stew ingredients inside. Again, I don’t intend to insult it. It was both generous in size and taste. And butter. Large chunks of short rib packed rich, meaty flavor. Potatoes, while admittedly not my thing, were fluffy and smooth.

Price: $30 per person.

Bottom line: Despite prime location in Tourist Land, we will be back at Lincoln when it’s safe again. I can’t wait.

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