Union Kitchen Grocery

I don’t know if quarantine is finally getting to me or what, but we have eaten more sandwiches in the last month than I think I have in my entire life leading up to now. Side note: Sunday nights have become just so…chaotic?… without Boundary Stone. I love my other neighborhood spots but having to make decisions on Sunday evenings is becoming taxing.

We’d been to Union Kitchen Grocery once before, on a Sunday morning when we tried to walk to ABC Pony for donuts, and got halfway there before learning that they were actually closed on Sundays. At the time, it felt like maybe the worst thing that had ever happened to me, and it was everything I could do to not have a pounding-on-the-sidewalk meltdown. But we turned around and got some Union Kitchen breakfast sandwiches instead and they were not donuts, but they were an awesomeness unto themselves! I highly recommend.

It’s very hard to find their menu online, and their website is all about their local food business accelerator (which is great! but not helpful) and you can’t order online. That’s borderline unconscionable these days, but I think it’s part of their business strategy–come in for sandwiches and coffee, then buy a bunch of locally-sourced treats you don’t need! Genius! Unfortunately for my wallet and weight loss plan, I was no exception!

Here is my chicken and brussels salad. Definitely fresh, quality everything. The right size for a dinner, too! Well-composed, good helpings of all toppings including the chicken and goat cheese, and served with a thick balsamic dressing. My one complaint is that sprouts just don’t stay crispy, like, as a general principle. So they were pretty mushy. I get it. Life is not fair for brussels sprouts.

I talked my husband into possibly the least-healthy sandwich option: the buffalo chicken sandwich. It sounded delicious, and would maybe be a good substitute for Boundary Stone’s honey hot chicken sandwich?

Spoiler alert: It wasn’t. I mean, it was fine. Fine. The chicken was good, I loved the fruity tang from the pineapple wing sauce they use, but aside from that, it was just very wet. I won’t even give it the dignity of calling it “moist,” the most mixed-sounding compliment of all time. Nope, just downright drippy. Toasted bread, bigger pieces of chicken, or maybe just less ranch might solve this issue. Again, not terrible. Great flavors, but hard to eat.

Price: $15 per person.

Bottom line: Definitely a winner for breakfast, Union Kitchen Grocery could step it up for lunch/dinner. Other minor note: you might think that frozen Greek yogurt sounds like a great fake ice cream. Don’t fall for it. One more minor note: it’s January. Get some dark beer, guys. What the heck. Final minor note, I swear: wait outside the shop for your food if you don’t want to fall for their retail tricks.

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