So’s Your Mom

A dreary New Year’s Day called for intense sandwiches. My husband only just recently found out about So’s Your Mom, tucked away on Columbia Road in AdMo, and they were open on the holiday! Their menu is weirdly daunting considering that they have basically five types of sandwich meat and each menu item represents a slightly different iteration of corned beef, or pastrami, or turkey. My husband very quickly decided he wanted a hot pastrami with coleslaw and russian dressing, which I ordered for him with the requisite Swiss cheese. I asked for a corned beef with deli mustard on rye with havarti.

“Fifty-eight,” said the guy on the phone. How much? What time? Nobody knows. Just 58. It was 3 in the afternoon but I guess we’ll go get dinner now?

Very important side-note: So’s Your Mom is cash-only but there is a BoA ATM literally right next door. I can only imagine the amount of cash that comes out of that ATM and immediately goes back in. They also sell a variety of pies, chips, stroopwaffels, and similar fancy packaged foods, but I ignored it all because resolutions!

Anyway, on to the sandwiches:

Here’s the pastrami/Russian/coleslaw awesomeness. I wish there had been more coleslaw but I’m not sure it’s physically possible to put any more stuff between two slices of bread. The meat was delicious, and the entire concoction was so good that my not-hungry spouse ate the whole thing with no regrets.

Similarly, my corned beef sandwich had, like, an entire brisket’s worth of meat and a generous but not overpowering smear of mustard. It was delicious and crispy but definitely needed some type of vegetable to make it a real sandwich.

Overall, So’s Your Mom offers very generous portions at an almost comically low price, but I would love to see them step up their game with some tasty green toppings and a proper Reuben (with sauerkraut–how do they not have this?!) But basic meat-cheese-bread sammies is not going to keep me from coming back here, probably too often.

Price: $8 per person, cash only.

Bottom line: Great, cheap hangover lunch/simple early dinner/pile o’meat.

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