Pho 54

The hubs was in the mood for a sammy. I…was not. Actually, I was mostly sulking because I really wanted some of that delicious Huacatay Peruvian chicken and I got vetoed. So anyway, I assumed we were at an impasse until my husband mentioned banh mi and I went on the hunt.

I’d never heard of Pho 54 and when we showed up to pick up the food, I could see how new and pristine it was, definitely a step above the usual poorly-lit-pictures-of-tripe pho joint. But there was no time to idle here, we had to get home to devour some tasty treats.

I got an order of summer rolls to share:


They were basically the same as every other summer roll you’ve ever had, but definitely refreshing on a hot day. Love me some sweet tamarind sauce too. Nothing big to report here.

I got the bún with lemongrass chicken. After our protracted argument about chicken-vs-sandwiches, this felt like a great compromise, plus I felt very virtuous eating this. The noodles were a little too slippery, which made them hard to eat, even with a fork. But omg the chicken was so charred and flavorful. Fish sauce dressing tied everything together.


My husband ordered (except really I ordered for him) the banh mi with grilled pork. Like mine, the meat was exceptional, although he felt like the whole sandwich was underdressed. Our own mayo remedied that problem. This thing was gigantic.


Price: $15 per person

Bottom line: All things considered, Pho 54 put out a solid meal at an extremely reasonable price. I’m sure we will solve many what-to-get-for-dinner arguments here.

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