Lucky Buns

We got two conflicting reports from my in-laws after their visit to Lucky Buns several months ago.

My FIL: “I think you guys would like it!”

My MIL: “The burger was so gross and undercooked that I couldn’t even finish!”

Considering how often my husband and I (and consequently, my posts here) complain about how nobody can actually cook a burger correctly, there’s nothing we wanted to try more than a place my husband’s mother, a person who is routinely prompted by restaurant staff to please, please not order her salmon or steak well-done, described as “gross.”

We had to wait a bit by the time we got there, but we managed (read: ran across the street for a drink at Jack Rose). Back at Lucky Buns not 30 minutes later, we got a good menu rundown from the server before ordering beers: the Anderson Valley blood orange gose for my husband and an uncharacteristically dry, bitter brown ale from Black Hog for me. Great options either way. If I hadn’t just pounded my whiskey while waiting for our table, I might have chosen a cocktail from their extensive list.



Next came our appetizer: the green curry pumpkin. There aren’t words for this. The whole thing was so creamy and amazing, the pumpkin skin was crispy, and the size of the dish was a perfect starter for two people. It had a good kick of spice but not too much. So far, so good.

Most of Lucky Buns’s burgers are just variations on the same thing. They also offer all their toppings as add-ons, so I’m not sure why they feel the need to do the design work. I ordered the only beef burger that was slightly different: the El Jefe. My husband decided to keep it simple with the Lucky Bun. I have to admit that I’m sort of sad about not being able to try their chicken sandwiches, which looked a lot more interesting. But again, we both had to get our burgers the recommended medium-rare and see what all the fuss was about.


The Lucky Bun was good for what it was: a medium-rare burger with the usual burger toppings. Everything was high quality but not super extraordinary.


On the other hand, the El Jefe was a contender for one of my favorite burgers ever. The hatch chile sauce on top definitely elevated the rest of the burger, although it wasn’t super spicy. The single patty option was quite enough food for a normal person without being overkill.

Price: $25 per person.

Bottom line: If you like to eat meat that’s not browned to a crisp and you’re in the mood for a messy, drippy burger and can wait a little while (perhaps with the help of whiskey), Lucky Buns has you covered.

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