Fresh Greek Grill


The setting: the day before Thanksgiving, 11 a.m. I need to ditch work, shove some food in my face, and hit the road fast. Enter Fresh Greek Grill, which happened to exist in the correct location (near my work) and serve the correct food (portable meat). My husband, a veritable gyro connoisseur, was beyond excited, arrived early, and sent me a rapidfire stream of increasingly worried texts when he thought that Fresh Greek Grill wasn’t going to open at 11 as promised. When you need a gyro, you need a gyro.

But open they did, and we waited in their no-nonsense shack-sized diner until they quickly delivered our two gyros–his with lamb gyro meat and mine with chicken.


The gyros are served one way–soupy tzatziki, tomatoes, and red onions, and they didn’t skimp on any of these ingredients. In fact, it was veritably dripping with tzatziki. The pita was warm and fluffy, which was pleasant, although maybe not the sturdiest vehicle for this many toppings and sauce. The chicken was surprisingly tender too. While the gyro meat was extremely flavorful on account of being lamb, the chicken was under-seasoned. The only other qualm I have with this magnificent sandwich is that it should contain lettuce and/or cucumbers.

Then dessert:

20171122_113149.jpgWe couldn’t help ourselves. The baklava was moist, nutty, sweet, and the size of my entire hand. Perhaps a little on the soggy side. But still, it hit the spot.

Although we didn’t order any, Fresh Greek Grill also serves a wide selection of beers, most of which are IPAs indistinguishable from one another, and also 40’s of malt liquor. There’s nothing like washing down baklava with some Steel Reserve. I need to remember this place when I’m having a particularly bad day at work.

Price: $10 per person, or $13.99 if you want to include some Steel Reserve.

Bottom line: Fresh Greek Grill is efficient, tasty, and worth your time for a quick stop or a weekday lunch.

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