Do you like driving to Tyson’s? Yeah, me neither. But sometimes going there is a sad necessity, and in these terrible times, you need to make the best of the situation. Shamshiry is how you do that. Shamshiry will cure all your Tyson’s-driving woes.

If you arrive after 7 or so, you can expect to wait a while. There’s a reason. Shamshiry specializes in Persian-style kabobs and rice dishes. Don’t be scared of the overly verbose menu, just choose a delicious-sounding protein and reap the rewards. I recommend the salmon, which was juicy and paired well with the yogurt sauce, and the lamb, which was flavorful and tender. The rice with orange rind is also unique and delicious, sweet and fruity. Shamshiry also features a ton of Persian desserts, including a baklava that is unlike any you’ve tried before; less flaky and flatter.

The downsides are that service can be a little slow and substitutions on the menu are extremely limited. You can swap rice for a fabulous salad (if you don’t do this, you risk being buried under the Mount Everest of rice), but don’t try to ask for other substitutions. The dessert menu is also extensive but they are sometimes out of one or more of the better ones.

The downsides will never outweigh the upsides, however. Shamshiry is a delight, a rare find in the land of chain restaurants, and worth a detour!

The bottom line: Great place if you happen to be in the area.

Price: About $25 per person

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