I love eating. I’ve been doing it basically my entire life. (Fun fact: my first word was “carrot.”) And since the time I graduated from Gerber’s, I’ve been eating as many different kinds of food as possible. I was a vegetarian for 8 years and a pescatarian for 5 more years after that, but I’ve since discovered¬†all the meats and now I’m living my best life.

I love exotic cuisines, I love beer and cocktails, I love to write, I love DC, and, with any luck, I would love to never have to work again and instead spend my days eating and then writing about eating. I’d also be happy to become the wife of a lucrative microbrewery owner (in Mexico, if possible). But until that happens, I’ll settle for a modest side hustle writing about all the tasty places I visit in the city I love.

My hobbies include cooking, eating the things I cook, traveling, eating while traveling, learning Spanish, speaking Spanish in restaurants, exercising after eating, and hanging out with my cat and two dogs (whose food interests often differ widely from mine, and who prefer leftovers from the litter box).

I live in a little-known neighborhood in Ward 5, Northeast DC with my husband and pets.

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